Yuqing Shi

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. My mathematical interest is algebraic topology, specifically unstable periodic homotopy theory, Koszul duality, chromatic homotopy theory and Goodwillie calculus.

I did my PhD at Utrecht Geometry Centre of University of Utrecht, under the supervision of Gijs Heuts. My PhD thesis is about the periodic homotopy theory of topological spaces. Before going to Utrecht, I completed my Bachelor and Master degrees at University of Bonn. I wrote my bachelor's and master's thesis with Peter Teichner at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. My CV is available upon request.

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Email: yuqing.shiemail@mpim-bonn.mpg.de
Work Address:
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Vivatsgasse 7
53111 Bonn
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